Visual Artist

Grandma Connie Roome (Haddock), though of modest means, began taking photographs with her treasured camera in the 1930's after arriving to Mountain Park, Alberta from England. It is through her work that I began to understand the importance of capturing moments in time, and that images stir emotions on a deeper level, sometimes evoking powerful memories we didn't even know we had within us.

My own work naturally reflects the passion I have for western culture and history. It considers our ties to the past, and the thread that links us to the earth, other living things and to each other.

More often than not, I find myself "singing over the bones" as I work, feeling sorrow for what has been lost. There is a deep sense that things need to be remembered, that they need to be tended to. There is also joy, and even peace, when breathing in the essence of what once was.

I find inspiration in cave art, ledger art and all Native American art forms, along with various other artifacts. I am moved by vintage documents, primitive songs and music, and places of historical significance. I have great admiration for the works of turn of the century artists and photographers, and a number of contemporary artists. And, of course, I am in awe of the Creator's natural world.

Having spent a number of years focused on photography, I am excited that my life journey has led me back to paint, and exploration into marrying these two kinds of art as a form of expression. Layering elements of collage such as old text and images, and/or my own photography can add depth to a painting, and to a story. Embellishments of leather, feathers, beads and other objects add tactile interest as well.

I believe that when we create we are offered a glimpse of the Divine. I am open to change, trusting of intuition and I am no longer surprised when the canvas begins to direct me. Whether conjuring the ghosts of a Crow battlefield, ancient bison on the plains, or a hauntingly beautiful stand of pine forest - I am blessed with a feeling of consciousness and timelessness. I wish to offer others a moment to reflect and reconnect, and be moved by the universal heart that we all share.


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